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Shortcuts to common website admin tasks


View your Orders and Invoices


Add Coupons to your site to help generate repeat business.  Help Creating Coupons

Sales Reports

See detail reports on Sales, Best Sellers, Coupon usage etc.

Product Options

Change Topping / Extras Prices

Please be careful.  Accidentally deleting rows will delete them from all related Pizzas.

Simply changing a price is fine.

Change Pizza of Week

(Click image to enlarge)

1. Go to Products

2. Filter Products to see all Pizzas

3. Under the ‘star’ icon column, Click on current Pizza of Week to remove it and click on the new Pizza of Week. 

Product Images

Product images Should be resized to 600×600 pixels.

Fill the product image in the space available, leaving a small gap of 10px or so (so image does not touch edge).

You should use an image compression tool like ImageOptim (free) before uploading images, this keeps the site lean and fast.

Change Delivery/Collection options

You may wish to turn off Delivery or Collection from time to time.  Follow the below to achieve this.

(Click image to enlarge)

1. Open Shipping Settings.

2. Select ‘Delivery’, ‘Collection’ or ‘Delivery and Collection’.

3. Scroll down and click Save Changes.

Important: Do not make any other changes, descriptions are relevant to developers only and are linked to other settings.

Need help?

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Delivery Status

Do not use as it removes other values such as API keys, need to ‘hidden’ add these.